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A new feature to support canary deployments of the Control Plane was included in Istio version 1.5.x. This blog aims to demonstrate this feature, The steps below assume you have version 1.6+ installed and running in your cluster.

An introduction to deployment strategies; blue-green, canary and more can be found here

Istio service mesh has two main components; Control Plane & Data Plane

Control Plane

The Control Plane is responsible for service discovery, routing configuration, providing service-to-service, and end-user authentication. It also allows secure mTLS communication in the data plane by maintaining a CA and generating certificates. Since 1.5.x…

Learn how to create a HA Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pis.

This guide demonstrates how to implement enterprise-grade security, observability, and overall cluster management in a learning environment. All the information in this guide is based on the Raspbernetes project.

The Raspbernetes project started with a goal to automate the setup and management of a Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pis. It aims to be completely declarative and idempotent.

Check out more about the project →


Hardware — We recommend to have at least 4 raspberry pis. This guide used 3 Pis as master nodes and an additional Pi as…

What’s the problem?

Within many organizations, the concept of “shift left”, utilizing CI / CD pipelines, and embracing DevOps practices is not new.

However, what we’ve observed is that in many situations there is a large gap in the state in which we develop, test and deploy our applications during their lifecycle.

How frequently have you seen an application that has passed all of the gates to get to production and when it finally gets deployed there is a bug or something isn’t quite working?

How come these bugs or failures weren’t observed in local development, or within your CI pipeline, or within…

How we created a proxy configuration tool to make dealing with the corporate proxy straightforward!

Credit: Internet Grandma meme

You’re here because you either have or will soon have the experience of working behind a corporate network. Being stuck behind a corporate proxy can be enraging and frustrating at the best of times — guess what? You’re not alone!

Firstly, how do proxies work?

Before we dive into the problem its important to understand that proxies do provide a lot of benefits and that they probably aren’t going away anytime soon within your organization. So what is a proxy?

A proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. It’s an intermediary server separating end users from the websites they browse. …

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